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I call this my own unique modality of supporting clients in sustainably creating change through connecting back to nature, "reclaiming connections". I've developed a blend of ecological knowledge, life experience, cultural and spiritual healing, and a critical lens of society that allows me to tap into the human condition and longing to get back to our ancient practices of engaging with the natural world. 

I'm a certified professional coach through, Leadership That Works. What appealed to me about their "Coaching for Transformation" program was its emphasis on social justice and their intention to support more coaches of color to enter the field. 




Here are just a few highlights of my career. I've had the honor of contributing to a number of Bay Area organizations and organized community around projects focused on addressing racial justice in environmental engagement. People power is what excites me and I look forward to growing my impact nationwide! 

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Spirituality, history, identity

My personal journey through life includes the many stories and experiences I went through to get to where I am today. More recently that journey was much more spiritual than previous years. Once I began to give myself permission to walk more in my true path, that's when things started to show up. For me, the strong messages came through in my dreams. The intensity of emotions and actual events during these dreams lead me to really question whether I was doing what I was brought to this world to do.

The exploration of these dreams were guided by a Meso American Traditional Healer, a Curandera. I began working with Tereza Iniguez-Flores on understanding and developing deeper discipline around the gifts of these messages and my overall spiritual awareness. Many of the principals around this universal energy and connection to the world is integrated into my practice as a coach and when I lead groups out in nature. I continue to learn and explore my spiritual identity and am currently studying more of the history and practices of my own direct ancestry from The Philippines. 

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