Healing Hikes

Healing hikes are a unique approach to coaching and leadership development. Blending ecological knowledge, traditional spiritual connections to nature, and the technical skills of life coaching, our “Hike It Out Coaching” process is profound. Join one of our healing hikes below or consider becoming a member!


Reset & reflections hikes

These quarterly hikes serve as a good pause and resetting of your inner well-being. They are ideal for the busy, high functioning, and hard working professionals looking to create an specific time in nature to reground as a self-care practice.

This hike is an opportunity to pause, slow down the mind and spirit, and create an open space for rest and reflection. They are designed to support

  • a deeper awareness of your needs for health & wellness and how to honor your values as a practice

  • a deeper understanding of how nature can support your inner well-being, specifically for reflection,

  • re-grounding and recharging

  • a letting go of the lessons that no longer serve you and moving forward with space for transformation

The guidance in crafting an intentional time outdoors for this deep healing allows for a grounded experience of remembering the ancient process of connecting to nature as tool for support.

Most of the hike will be done in silence with some points of breaking into a group sharing of the experience as it unfolds. Locations vary and are mainly within the limits of the San Francisco Bay Area, from the South Bay to Oakland.

The 2019 Calendar of Hikes is as follows (times and locations vary)

  • Sunday, Feb. 24th

  • Sunday, April 7th

  • Saturday, July 20th

  • Saturday, November 23rd

Why not make self care in nature a regular practice?

Join a diverse community of socially conscious, nature-loving change agents who are committed to practicing a safe and sustainable way to grow in their inner well-being. A membership provides the opportunity to cultivate your best self as you make a difference in the world.

I have the deepest love for this crew right here. Thank you @ethnicstudiessfusd for trusting me, my mentor Tereza and @kristenlynnzimmerman to hold sacred space for you all yesterday. Wow! What a journey from the depths of the marsh to the peaks in the middle of the storm, we did it! Complete and whole is how I feel rn. 
It was truly an honor, really, to be with the ones that are part of my story, the origins of these healing hikes, and the creators of our new way forward for our young people. It was a uplifting to see this family roll together. I was honored to share how they are the ones I created these experiences for because the ancestors gave me that message. 
This journey continues yes, because it’s always a long road ahead. And this time we can tap into ALL that is available to us so we remain seen, heard, whole throughout. Looking forward to our next journey 😉🌈 Thank you @58concordia For making it happen! Thank you also to @rovingramenriceranger for holding us down from planning to sheltering us for lunch. 🙏🏾 #wegonbealright #igotyou #keepgoing #sfusdethnicstudies2019 #isangbagsak #healtheland #healthepeople #sacredspace #healinghike #reclaimingconnections #reclaimingspace #meditationinprogress #ancestors #ancestralhealing

team building hikes

All group hikes support individual and team development by providing

  • Personal space to reflect on any challenges

  • Emotional resetting and re-grounding with a walking meditation

  • A shared experience outside of the typical workspace/environment

  • Open-hearted sharing and supporting with compassionate communication

  • Retrieving and remembering personal power by flexing the intuition


compassion fatigue healing hikes for service providers

Compassion Fatigue Healing Hike provides a safe space in nature for community-based service providers to process and release any attached or residual energies taken on from their practice so they can sustain their daily capacities.

This hike is designed to

  • safely release the energies that cause us harm as practitioners

  • understand the tools available to us from nature as a daily self-care practice

  • experience what nature teaches us about our ability to heal ourselves and recover from Compassion Fatigue so we can better serve our communities



private 1:1 coaching sessions

Book your own private, one-time coaching session outdoors with Raynelle. This intimate time in nature harnesses the same power of the elements and our surroundings so that you can fully immerse yourself in the care you need.

Undivided attention to your process creates a sacred space that is all yours!

This session includes

  • 30 minute pre-session consultation

  • 90 min outdoor experience

  • 30 minute session to debrief & action plan