Healing Hikes

Below are some ways to engage with nature as a healing space


Reset & reflections hikes

This hike serves as a good pause and resetting of your inner well-being. It's ideal for the busy, high functioning, and hard working professionals looking to create an specific time in nature to reground as a self-care practice.

We start by gathering in a more intimate location of the park to support our presence with each other and our surroundings.

We'll then be guided through a process to develop your intention for the day and a specific meditation to hold while hiking. Most of the hike will be done in silence with some points of breaking into a group sharing of the experience as it unfolds.

This hike will provide

  • an opportunity to pause, slow down the mind and spirit, and create an open space for rest

  • an intimate community and team building experience for busy professionals

  • tools to engage more with nature as an intentional place to practice self care

  • access to local parks and natural areas for future adventures

Additional benefits of this hike will support

  • a deeper awareness of your needs for health & wellness and how to honor your values as a practice

  • a deeper understanding of how nature can support your inner well-being, specifically for reflection,

  • regrounding and recharging

  • a letting go of the lessons that no longer serve you and moving forward with space for transformation

Vicarious trauma healing hikes

Stay tuned for description of services.

hiking with grief

More later