For tuning into our video series
on Energetic Communication

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We’d like to offer you a way to continue your growth and development with a FREE downloadable Self Guided Activity workbook. We trust this will take your viewing experience to a level where you can actually apply these skills in real life.

The exercises are designed to deepen your relationship with the energetic communication happening in you and the world around you. This deep exploration allows you to get to know yourself from that spiritual, intuitive place to bring more awareness as you navigate some of these challenging areas of your work or interactions in life. With this tool, you’ll also find that more alignment comes in the way you, uniquely handle what’s in front of you. What’s more empowering than personal power?

As practitioners ourselves, we believe that by honoring you as an individual in acknowledging the stories you have and hold, you develop an awareness of the tools you already have for growth and development. It’s the most empowering way when YOU determine the outcomes and YOU drive your own healing process.

What’s included in this free gift?

  • Dynamic and interactive activities to help apply this energetic awareness to your life

  • A tool to explore your intuitive capacity

  • Deep reflection prompts to assess how your interactions with others shape the relationships you have

  • A guided meditation to support you in familiarizing yourself with your spiritual, physical, and emotional experience through trauma so you can begin your journey for self healing

Need to get caught up on the series? Watch all 4 videos by clicking below!