The Bay Area is a great example of environmental justice accomplishments and like most of the nation, also an example of the destruction and political complexities involved when it comes to our natural resources. When I present information about environmental justice I don't ignore the connection with racial and social justice; because the information is there. AND I make it a point to present the pathways towards a solution. Value-setting, presenting perspectives, and seeing current work happening on the grounds are key strategies I implement when educating about environmental justice. Where do you see yourself on the spectrum of IMPACTING this relationship between land and people?  

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environmental justice 101

I use the landscape of the Bay Area and it's history of environmental justice as a pathway to understand what has happened here and how that history has impacted our communities socially and environmentally. In the early 50's & 60's our beautiful Bay was threatened with the forces of industrialization. Did you know that there were plans to fill the entire bay with landfill by 2020? I pay homage to the warriors who fought for the preservation for this body of water AND I emphasize the importance of acknowledging who else played a part in why The Bay is the way it is today. 

land & people

Consider these your "Hidden Figures" with respect to land. There are so many hidden stories of people of color and their influence on our land. There are stories buried all throughout The Bay Area and further up towards the Pacific Northwest that hold stories of the efforts of preserving our human rights and the protection of our natural resources. All throughout the nation these stories have been hidden by development or lack of acknowledgement from the mainstream environmental movement. 

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reclaiming connections

I believe we are approaching a new way of being and we are also heading towards a period of time where we are reclaiming the ways in which our ancestors roamed the land. When I speak about reclaiming identity it falls within the same concepts I've introduced on the About page; our two fundamental identities. Self reflection and examining who you are as an individual can be a powerful vehicle in remembering your ancestral connections. I can facilitate the beginnings of this process and support your journey to reclaim this identity.