Join a diverse community of socially conscious, nature-loving change agents who are committed to practicing a safe and sustainable way to replenish, release, and grow in their inner well-being. Whether you’re only looking to join healing hikes as a regular and intentional self care practice or seeking a deeper privately guided journey, a membership provides the opportunity to cultivate your best self as you make a difference in the world.

Some of the benefits of becoming a member include access to healing hikes throughout the year, private outdoor coaching sessions, online trainings, and more! To see which membership package works for you, explore the options below!

This blessing couldn’t have come at a better time, it was a combination of learning to set boundaries, understand my body, and when in doubt nature has the answer. I feel whole and rejuventated with the tools to make me a better worker, friend, daughter, and lover.”
— Genevieve Leighton- Armah, Coordinator, SF



sustainable self love Membership

Give yourself permission to listen directly to your heart, experience the messages nature has for you, and begin your practice of self awareness and healing regularly throughout the year.

This membership gives you access to all four healing hikes throughout the year. Explore different locations in a small group setting. Be guided on a mostly silent, meditative walk to attend to your specific intention, and create that special space to release and replenish regularly as an act of sustainable self-love.


private coaching MEMBERSHIPs

The dynamic programs of private coaching journeys are designed to create a safe and sacred container for an experience like no other. With a mixture of 1:1 private coaching sessions and small group in -person and virtual workshops, you are fully supported throughout. Alignment with our planet’s natural systems provide a fiercely loving and grounded accountability process.

Nature experiences promote a profound transformative moment with guidance that allows you space to be seen and heard as your true self.


The Sustainable Self Love membership is a quarterly “Reset and Reflection Hike” only membership. This membership level does not include private coaching sessions, workshops, retreats, or other offerings from the company.

The intention of this membership is to offer busy and hard working professionals regular opportunities to engage in nature for self care. As a member you have

  • access to all four quarterly hikes within the year of your membership

  • an intentional time outside in walking meditation, replenish, release negativities, and move through life’s challenges as you continue on with daily life demands

  • a safe and sacred space to be seen, heard, and cared for by a small community of socially conscious, nature-loving change agents. Group sizes are intentionally kept small (6-15 ppl)

  • exclusive membership pricing

Membership Details

  • Membership requires the attendance to ALL FOUR “Reset & Reflection Hikes” within a year of being a member

  • The Sustainable Self Love Membership applies only to “Reset & Reflection Hikes” organized by Rino Consulting Solutions and their “Hike It Out Coaching” programs

  • Memberships are non-transferable unless client is moving into a private coaching journey package

  • Refunds are not available. Any unused or remaining tickets are forfeited, donated, or gifted to friends and family. Only on a case-by-case review will special considerations be taken for any amendments of membership agreements, such as injury, bereavement, etc...

  • Membership registration and payment processing occurs via Acuity Scheduler

  • Please read this full list of membership Terms and Conditions


Are you ready to commit to self love?


The dynamic programs of private coaching journeys are designed to create a safe and sacred container for an experience like no other. Coaching memberships provide a mixture of 1:1 private coaching sessions and small group in -person and virtual workshops over a significant period of time. Memberships can start at a four month commitment and last as long as 18 months.

These journeys guide you through

  • Understanding where you are and where you strive to be in both life and your professional goals. I utilize our beginning sessions to unEarth your story and map out our journey

  • Identifying roadblocks, challenges, your mindset, components of your identity and perspective that may be preventing you from reaching the next step.

  • Learning how to observe the systems of nature and relate it to your own growth, development, adaptations, and maintenance towards a balance in life

  • Developing a system of accountability for yourself and me, as your coach, to keep you on track and moving FORWARD. I support and challenge you to reach your best self

To learn more about specific private coaching memberships click here

Still curious about committing to coaching?

private coaching Membership Details

  • Private Coaching Journeys require a minimum four month commitment

  • Complete details for private coaching memberships are finalized through a contract agreement