“Hike It Out” coaching 

Lets walk together through some of the Bay Area’s gorgeous natural areas to heal and find transformation on an experience that connects directly back to you! Coaching sessions are typically outdoors, but many times the practicality of a phone call or visiting in a local business is just enough to continue your development.



As a leader serving the industries of land, people, and justice our approach is person-centered and transformative for communities. Our unique nature-based solutions create change that empowers collective healing and change making in a world in the midst of social, racial, and environmental shifts. 



Holding high value on education, tools & resources. Wisdom comes through online classes, workshops, healing hikes, conferences, and retreats to create places to receive and engage in this process. See the nature outside and within. Sign up for opportunities throughout the year!


Our Approach

Know Nature, Know Self - No Nature, No Self

Our firm believes that

  • nature provides that grounding knowledge and space to be fully heard and transformed into our true being

  • that each person/organization already has the capacity to live an intentional and meaningful existence

  • in order to impact real change in others and the world we must first walk into our own trenches, heal through our own pains and struggles and confront the parts of our story that create diversions away from being our best selves

  • the process that informs this journey towards transformation embraces the identities found in societal norms with the practices of reclaiming our ancestral connections to nature as the tool towards healing and justice

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Healing hikes and the other services Rino provides are situated somewhere between wilderness therapy, mindfulness practice, and corporate team building
— Padmini Parthasarathy, Contributing Writer for Outside magazine