Those who choose to walk on love’s path are well served if they have a guide. That guide can enable us to overcome fear if we trust that they will not lead us astray or abandon us along the way
— bell hooks, all about love New Visions

Nature-based coaching


Nature experiences are a great way to transform and connect back to your unique spirit. We receive a daily bombardment of information, pollution, noise, emotions, and interactions that can silence our true spirit. Nature has that passive power to bring us back to listen, observe, and tune into what we are here on Earth for; to serve back to our planet; its land and people.

Lets walk together through some of the Bay Area’s gorgeous natural areas to heal and find transformation on an experience that connects directly back to you! Coaching sessions are typically outdoors, but many times the practicality of a phone call or visiting in a local business is just enough to continue your development.

The practical and professional experience I have as leader of organizations, an educator, and a healer adds a level of perspective and intuition that I use to help guide you through

  • Understanding where you are and where you strive to be in both life and your professional goals. I utilize our beginning sessions to unEarth your story and map out our journey

  • Identifying roadblocks, challenges, your mindset, components of your identity and perspective that may be preventing you from reaching the next step.

  • Learning how to observe the systems of nature and relate it to your own growth, development, adaptations, and maintenance towards a balance in life

  • Developing a system of accountability for yourself and me, as your coach, to keep you on track and moving FORWARD. I support and challenge you to reach your best self

The journey with me

She is a natural born healer equipped with wisdom, intuition, and compassion. I felt incredibly comfortable in her presence as she guided me through the process of tuning into my inner guides and challenged me to relinquish my fears so that I could embrace my own light.
— Alexis Pardo, Autism Intervention Specialist and artist

As I coach outdoors, I utilize the teachings of nature and indigenous spiritual principles as guiding forces in my work. I may pick a special location that calls me when I hear your story, or you may be inclined to share a special place that calls to you. Together we support the shifts you seek and ask nature for permission to take her teachings along with us on our journey! I facilitate the experience in nature that can reveal some unexpected opportunities and potentials. The guides I use to support you are gifts from both nature and society.

There are endless amounts of lessons we can draw up when we go outside and here are some examples of what connections can be made. But keep in mind, I truly believe in the uniqueness of the individual and their story, so each person and experience are special in their own way and each session will result in something different.

Here are some ways we can be intentional on our walk:

  • Observe the overall landscape of the area and identify what you notice and this can reveal components of your perspective

  • Focus on your breath and feelings of determination as we walk a challenging terrain; this may tell you something about the amount of risk you are willing to take

  • Notice the plants around you, the natural organisms that catch your eye; they may trigger a memory or an ancient connection

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