Frequently asked questions


What is your coaching approach?

I see career and personal life as interconnected, so my process of transformation acknowledges and works with all aspects of the Self and life experiences. Traditional knowledge & nature are the principals I use to connect to clients, which naturally connects clients to their own bodies and personal power. I believe identity is central to how we move about this world so I coach to understand who my client is, who they are becoming, and who they want to meet at the end of our work together

How is coaching different/similar to other supportive services?

Two main aspects of coaching that set it apart from other services are (1) its guidance, not advice or consultation and (2) coaching is meant to keep you moving forward and growing with graceful accountability. For the first point, a good coach will guide you to the answers you already have. I believe you already have it, are complete and enough, so I will guide you to see your own truths and power to receive the answers from within. For the second point, moving forward with shifting or transforming what was to what is, means you need a plan around that. So, accountability is used to support your navigation through the changes.

It is worth noting that sessions with me can feel like a therapy session, and as a disclaimer, I am not trained or qualified as a licensed practitioner of any particular discipline and cannot diagnose or prescribe any conditions. It is my responsibility as a certified coach to bring to your attention areas outside of my capacity and skill set if I feel the needs arise.

Who do you coach?

I love to coach diverse professionals of all career levels and life experiences. I support high functioning and busy professionals in the social sector so they can increase their capacity to participate in change without the burnout and overwhelm. My clients value self care and understand the universal benefits of being in and engaging with nature

Why is it called “Hike It Out Coaching”?

Hiking with my intentional process heightens a client’s awareness of what surrounds them and the potential to link those observations to what is happening in their life. When I hike with clients, we’re “hiking out” the stress, the overwhelm, or opening up space to connect to deeper, more vulnerable topics that can lead to breakthroughs

Not all sessions in a program will be done outdoors or on a hike. Most are typically done on the phone or on video chat. Some outdoor sessions are even done sitting on a park bench! For any program level I suggest a small portion of our sessions be outside. I usually request my clients commit to at least a 3 month commitment to begin. A coaching relationship can last up to 12 months or more depending on the process and progress we identify Engaging with nature in any form is key. When I coach outdoors we create safe space with a simple grounding activity to connect to the environment, then we process together on the trail or in observation of what’s happening around us. My intuitive connection to nature is used to guide my clients to see the messages hidden within all the senses

How often are outdoor sessions done and what
are they like?

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Join a low cost, accessible public group hike or workshop as an introduction of what it’s like to be supported by me. Go to my Events page for more information

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