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"A Partnership in Love" Healing Hike

  • Middle Harbor Shoreline Park 2777 Middle Harbor Road, Oakland, CA 94607 (map)


Join me on a special journey to discover the connections between you, your partnership, this Tower, and the land it which it resides. This special Valentine's Day edition of our healing hikes takes us to Middle Harbor Shoreline Park (MHSP) in West Oakland for a sunset hike in celebration of A Partnership in Love.

Did you know that this Tower at MHSP is dedicated to one of the Bay Area's first African American environmental justice heroes? It was built in commemoration to Chappell Hayes and his love for astronomy, science, his wife, and justice for his community. Read here for more about Hayes and his legacy.

When Hayes and his wife, Nancy couldn’t see eye to eye they would come out to the end of 7th street and climb up to the top of the old tower that used to be here before the big earthquake in 1989. Climbing up and looking out over the bay would help them get a wider perspective and help them reconnect to their love for each other. Nancy very much wanted a tower built at Middle Harbor and she wanted it dedicated to the man she loved.
During this hike we will honor the land and it's love story of Chappell and Nancy. This hike will include a facilitation for couples to connect to each other and the land and its love story. Couples will set intentions for this hike together AND separate before walking in meditation towards the Tower. The end of our hike will end with watching the sunset.
Please remember to wear layers and appropriate footwear. Terrain and weather conditions can vary drastically throughout the landscape and time, respectively.

In Preparation

It's always a good idea to come prepared both physically and mentally. As you and your partner are traveling to the location center yourselves in the process and bring yourself to a state of calm. Connect by taking some deep breaths or turning the radio off so you can focus on the drive up in silence. You can each bring a journal or a written intention for the hike. This intention can be anything from a list of what you two need to work out, want to let go of, a situation you want clarity about, or a prayer for someone or something. This is your time to heal individually as well as A PARTNERSHIP with the guidance of nature.


We will meet near the bathrooms next to the parking lot. Please try to arrive no later than 3:30pm, get there earlier if possible so we can begin our journey on time. Some parts of this walk will be wet or muddy so please bring the proper footwear for a beginners level hike. Like always, wear layers and bring a reusable bottle of water.