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Sunset Healing Hike (San Jose)

  • Alum Rock Park 15350 Penitencia Creek Road, San Jose, CA 95127 (map)


How's a healing hike different from a regular hike?

The healing hikes I lead are focused on your self-care and inner, personal growth. With my facilitation I guide you through a process of:

  • creating clear intentions for what you need out of this hike
  • practicing a life style of gratitude and acknowlegement 
  • walking in meditation
  • being held in a safe and supportive community

The benefits of this hike will assist you in:

  • developing a deeper understanding of your connection to Nature
  • tuning into your intuition so the YOU can better support your daily self-care needs
  • release your accumulated stress and anxieties into Nature
  • learn how to create an intentional effort of self-care and SELF-LOVE as a practice

These healing hikes are aimed to exercise your mind and soul. So, we don't go for distance or physical challenge although we do get some exercise, but rather you gain mental and emotional capacity to go back into life in a stronger stance. Nature is there to guide you in that process and provide for you the elements to draw upon as tools for self-reflection. My facilitation also includes knowledge of ecological systems that can tie into your lessons. I coach you through understanding how to "read" nature in relation to you life.

How shall I prepare for this hike?

It's always a good idea to come prepared physically and mentally as well. As you are traveling to the location center yourself in the process and bring yourself to a state of calm. You might be coming straight from work or coming from heavy traffic. Connect by taking some deep breaths or turning the radio off so you can focus on the drive up in silence. You can bring a journal or a written intention for the hike if you like. This intention can be anything from a list of what you want to let go of, a situation you want clarity about, or a prayer for someone or something. This is your time to heal individually with the guidance of nature.


Park in the FREE parking lot of the park, just before the pay kiosk. Walk up the trail leading into the park, which is just past the bathrooms. We will meet at the picnic tables at the top of the trail. Please try to arrive no later than 5pm, get there earlier if possible so we can begin our journey on time. Some parts of this walk will be wet or muddy so please bring the proper footwear for a beginners level hike. Like always, wear layers and bring a reusable bottle of water. 

*Please bring a small, biodegradable, non-invasive offering for the land. We will give thanks at the end as well as send prayers to our community in need during these challenging times. 

*Please be aware that holistic healing methods may be used and come in the form of sound healing, oils, fragrances and smudges from herbal plants. Please let me know if you have questions or concerns around these applications.