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Q & A Live Session for The Mayari Retreat


transform their ancestral story about money and self-worth
shift away from limiting beliefs and move toward abundance in their finances
liberate themselves from the weight of cultural and familial wounds.

Thank you for your interest in The Mayari Retreat!

The invetment that you are going to make in yourself to participate in The Maryari Retreat is a major decision. The Q&A is an opportunity to connect directly to the facilitators and find out first hand if The Mayari Retreat is right for you.

**If you cannont sit in on the live Q&A session you can be sent the link of the recorded session once you have RSVP'ed**

This inaugural ancestral healing retreat will focus on your identity as a Pinay who wants to rewrite her relationship to prosperity, abundance, self-worth, and money. This safe and supportive community will invite you to dive deep into ancestral and familial stories that may be holding you back from living your best life.

This retreat will harness the essence of your inner Warrior Goddess, Mayari, the Filipina goddess of revolution, strength, and beauty. Let Mayari guide you through this immersive healing process and empower you to forge a new path.

Retreat Overview

The Mayari Retreat will take place from August 16th 2019 - August 18th 2019 and is a specially curated with intentional ceremonies, rituals, healing women’s healing circles, workshops, somatic movement, and workshops. Some more details are below:

- Fully accommodated luxurious stay in a vacation home with ocean views

- Journey work to connect with your ancestral story

- Talking circles, guided discussions, & workshops

- Money & wealth exercises and trainings

- A fully catered Kamayan Feast

- And much more!

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For fully immersing yourself in this retreat you’ll get...

- Tools to implement a practice of intentional abundance in your home & environment

- The ability to face your history to heal the future

- Reprogramming limiting beliefs for a conscious shift towards abundance

- High impact 1:1 coaching sessions

- Cultivating a strong Mayari community

- Create an empowering relationship with money

- Walk away with a customized money plan that is aligned with your goals and desires

The Purpose Of The Q&A:

- Learn more about the intention and purpose behind The Mayari Retreat

- Determine if this is retreat is for you

- Get more details about the program and what has been designed for you

- Opportunity to meet the facilitors

- Provide an opportunity for you to ask questions about cost and payment plans

Meet The Facilitators:



is the founder of Claiming Prosperity and Co-Founder of Community Well. She is proud to have a practice that integrates two of her passions - Holistic Healing and Financial Education. She is a seasoned healing professional with extensive background in the healing arts including massage, aromatherapy, energy work, journeywork, & meditation. Who also happens to also be a financial professional who helps individuals, families, & business owners to secure their financial futures by sharing vital financial education and connecting them with the right products.

Jennifer believes in the power of business ownership. She is a serial entrepreneur and business owner. She has started successful businesses in the hospitality industry, the wellness industry, and the financial services industry.



is the founder of Rino Consulting Solutions. A nature-based coaching and consulting firm that provides coaching and consulting services to professionals and other businesses. As a long time social sector professional, Raynelle began her career in the sciences as an ecology field researcher then moved onto grassroots environmental education and social justice organizing.

The mission of her work is to support and inspire the leaders of today to live in the confidence of their identities as the move through a world in the midst of social, racial, and environmental transformation. Her “Hike It Out Coaching” Programs blend her science, environmental justice, and spiritual connection to nature by providing “healing Hikes” where clients increase their capacity to create change with the support and guidance of the nature experience. Find out more about those experiences as it’s featured in Outside Magazine Online