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"Root to Bloom" A Healing & Transformative Training Program for Service Providers


“Root to Bloom” is a training program for community-based service providers to engage in self healing and transformational tools so they can serve the most vulnerable communities at their full capacity

Our program design cultivates the personal power embedded in your roots (ancestry) that help us through our present day challenges and fight for justice. To bloom (thrive) into a future co-created for all, we must work to reclaim this personal power by practicing self love in the form of fierce skill building leadership tools while engaging in traditional collective healing spaces.

This training is for professionals providing direct service to communities in Bay Area schools, youth programs, institutions, family and community services. Service providers such as social workers, therapists, counselors, case managers, educators, & other front line staff that support the most vulnerable communities are encouraged to participate. Comm(UNITY) members as well as our greater community are encouraged to participate


Community-based service providers will participate in a dynamic 6-month program that meets both online and in-person throughout San Francisco. Participants that complete the full program will receive a Certificate of Completion in April 2020

Orientation day to meet and connect with other participants and the facilitators to begin this in-depth training and commit to collective wellness

**Each month follows the same programming delivery schedule. 
Please download this 
programming calendar for a scheduling overview

Monthly Trainings - Week 1 with a diversity of topics for a well-rounded & holistic healing & transformative experience with

  • at least 72 hours of training

  • special guest speakers

  • a space to cultivate healing, hope, joy, & a design for a sustainable future

Online Community Calls - Week 2 are opportunities to process and work through training materials as a collective, reflect and share with healing circles for peer support

Wellness Activities - Week 3 that are unique, reinforce creativity, and are designed to be accessible tools to embody as an outlet for stress management and release required of service providers

Community Builders - Week 4 are intentional times to connect with participants in person, cultivate joy, sharing, support, and building of a life-long community that lifts you up

A Special Celebration will complete the journey by awarding participants with a community-style ceremony and Certificate of Completion


A service provider with a heightened awareness of your identity so you can

  • set clearer boundaries for yourself and those you interact with

  • have confidence to work sustainably and prevent burn out, compassion fatigue, or vicarious trauma

  • working with integrity by remembering the passion and conviction you have for your work

  • identify and name your true personal power while interacting with others

A more informed and well-rounded practitioner with more understanding of

  • self awareness, emotional regulation, & managing triggers

  • how healing through family lineage stories of migration informs the larger fight for justice

  • how the migration story impacts mental health for yourself & communities you serve

  • traditional knowledge and tools that can help you through adversity

  • effective communication for leadership development and upward mobility

  • how to develop a robust self care plan to amplify your sustainability

A member of a socially conscious and loving community of care providers who

  • practice reciprocity of love, joy, care, and resources for the betterment of our community at large

  • find safety with each other and stretch leadership capacity through humility and vulnerability

  • practice mindfulness in our relationships within each other and the communities we serve

  • have a genuine interest in building a movement of self care within the industries of social services