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Bridging Moments Writing Program: Q & A Session

This Q & A session is your opportunity to learn more about the Bridging Moments Program. During this session, Gayle Romasanta, editor and writer, and Raynelle Rino, transformational coach, will give you a brief program overview. They will also answer any program questions and concerns.

Program Overview

The Bridging Moments Writing program guides writers through the technical and emotional challenges of writing about one’s life, so they can write their autobiographical manuscript within 12 months. With the support of accountability partners and a nurturing community, it is possible for writers to meet their ultimate goal, completing their manuscript.

How does this work?

This 12-month program will meet in quarterly creative labs throughout the 2019 calendar year and provide periodic private coaching sessions in between. Gayle Romasanta will offer editing and writing support to strengthen writers' writing voice, character development, storyline, dialogue and setting. Raynelle Rino, a life and transformational coach, will address the emotional and mental fortitude needed to complete the project. The culmination of the program will celebrate each participant’s milestone and set the stage for the desired publication pathway.

What is offered?

By participating you will:

  • Draft a manuscript of at least 125-175 pages

  • Gain 1:1 and group accountability as a robust support system

  • Work with two dynamic professionals coaching your content and experience

  • Develop a stronger writing voice and style

  • Develop and implement an individualized production timeline to complete the manuscript

  • Process story moments in a safe space that may trigger vulnerabilities such as self-doubt and other emotions that can lead to writer’s block

  • Create healthy boundaries around sharing and confidentiality in your story

Is this program right for me?

This program is designed for those who know that writing their story is one of their main goals in life and have already begun the process. They have either started writing their autobiography and in their early stages of writing, shelved their manuscript or are experiencing writer’s block and need the additional support and accountability to complete their manuscript.

Each writer will have their own unique goals and needs to reach their finish line. The dynamic support team, Gayle Romasanta, writer and editor, and Raynelle Rino, transformational coach will serve as accountability, technical, and emotional support partners. They will offer guidance to manage this life project as you continue on with your daily life demands. This team will be with you at every step of the process to complete the first draft of your manuscript.


Gayle Romasanta received her Bachelor of Arts, Creative Writing, from San Francisco State University and received a scholarship to attend the Master of Fine Arts Writing program, at California College of the Arts. Since then, her work as a writer and editor has been published over the last 20 years in newspapers, magazines, books, online, and featured on radio and television programs on KQED, KPFA, ABS-CBN, WB, and NBC news affiliates. Gayle’s work in theater, film and music has been featured in events and venues such as the Houston Asian American Music Festival, San Francisco Asian American Jazz Festival, and the Cultural Center of the Philippines. She is a former artistic director of Bindlestiff Studio, the only Filipino American theater in the United States. She also co-founded California College of the Arts literary arts journal, “Eleven Eleven,” and her first children’s book, “Beautiful Eyes” (Meritage Press 2012, Bridge and Delta Publishing 2018) is part of the curriculum for the San Francisco Unified School District. She also co-composed the music to one of the first Google Philippines commercials. Currently, she is the founder and owner of Bridge and Delta Publishing, producing the first-ever series of its kind: eight books on Filipino American history for 4th-9th grade students, their teachers and families. The first book, Journey for Justice: The Life of Larry Itliong, was co-written with leading Filipino American historian, the late and great, Dr. Dawn Mabalon.

Raynelle Rino is a long-time social sector professional who began her career in the sciences as an ecology field researcher. She then moved onto environmental education and social justice at the grassroots organizational level in the Bay Area. Her love for nature and youth development brought her to teach in unique settings like alternative high schools, environmental justice neighborhoods, parks, and juvenile justice facilities. Rino Consulting Solutions is a nature-based coaching and consulting firm that provides services for social sector professionals and other entrepreneurs. The Rino Consulting Solutions mission is to support and inspire the leaders of today to live in the confidence of their identities. Her "Hike It Out Coaching" Programs blend her science, environmental justice, and spiritual connection to nature by providing "Healing Hikes," where clients increase their capacity to create change with the support and guidance of the nature experience.