"Meditation in Progress" T-Shirt


"Meditation in Progress" T-Shirt

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Fits as unisex.

Special custom design by 16Cowries Studios in Oakland, CA.

Back side has printed #hikeitoutcoaching in the same mustard color print

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The Story Behind the Message

I used to teach in juvenile detention centers.

When I asked a dear friend to spend time with the young women there, she wanted to incorporate 5 minutes of quite time before each class. This became our standard practice.

To have that brief uninterrupted moment, we posted a sign outside that said, "Quiet Please, Meditation in Progress."

The students valued this so much as a restorative tool, they pleaded to have more time in meditation.

Today, in my "Hike It Out Coaching" practice, I also find that silence during hikes is key to experiencing the powerful support that nature provides for healing and transformation. 

Now you can honor your sacred and silent time in nature with this message! 

Your support means that our programming will reach more lives and bring more opportunity for rest, restoration, healing, and transformation!