The "Being" and "Doing" Identity Crisis

Earlier this month I had this crazy idea that I would fast on Thanksgiving Day. When I mentioned it to my partner, his response was, "Well good luck with that!"

But the idea came to me because I was reflecting on the land-based work I do that is centered on giving gratitude for the Earth, its stewards of past and present, and our ancestors. I mean, that's my thing, right? Reconnecting people to nature and its elements, guiding folks into the process of sensing and feeling the elements in their bodies and "inner landscape" so they can start thinking about what that experience means to their outer, physical landscape/environment.

Ultimately, I began asking myself, "What Am I Doing?"

There's no doubt in my mind that the work I've stepped into has brought me closer to my true path. And the many signs around me confirm that this is what I'm here to DO and I know that 

But now, the deeper question for me became,

Well, "Who am I being in this work then?"

Am I really identifying with what I'm doing as a reflection of who I'm being in my work? Am I working on what I say I'm about? Do I even have the permission to do what I'm doing?

And in this moment specifically, I began to question why the sudden revelation to fast on the one day of the year where everyone else around me is consuming everything? I realized that I was always aware of what "Thanksgiving Day" truly represented; also known as "Thangs Taken Day", this "celebration" of abundance and gratitude was only possible through the genocide of the indigenous peoples of this land. How am I supposed to continue walking my path of nature connection and reclaiming ancestral practices of intuitive living if I'm celebrating a time when it was all violently taken away? 

Then the words started to come to me


All of that combined, meant to me, that FASTING ON THIS DAY is what I need to do to align myself with what my service to the world is. Let it be crazy to most! For me, its this message I was sent to align my identity in what I DO to who I'm BEING as I walk this path. And that was a feeling of REVOLUTION! 

So, I'm not saying that you should join me in fasting, but I do encourage you to begin asking yourself those deeper questions, 

  • What are you doing? or What impact do you bring to this world?
  • Who are you being? or What personal values are you honoring in your work?

These questions are important to self-development but can also apply to organizations that are looking to find more of a solid foundation, revisit a mission or vision, or create a new identity. 

By looking at the two identities we hold in this world (diagram below) we can really begin to understand who we are in both society and the grander scheme of the world. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 12.08.11 PM.png

Click on my About page where you can reflect for yourself who you identify as in society and in nature. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Where on the triangle does your work fall under? Is it fulfilling a basic need or is it bringing service to those closer to the peak? Am I creating or perpetuating equality?
  • When do the elements show up for you in life? Do I gravitate towards watching the stars more, or do I find reprieve when I'm closer to water?

Then use your insights to draw upon a specific intention to bring more awareness of your values to your life.

When you look at how you answered the questions above, notice any information coming up. This process could bring up your Value Set. Make a list of what values are important to you and if possible, name your top 3 values!

Now examine:

  • Are you aligned with your identities in both society and nature?
  • Do any conflicting ideas come about when looking at the two?
  • How does it make you feel to think about these two identities? 

Finally, in this process remember to be gentle with yourself. Many times when we start to recognize disconnects or misalignments, our inner critic will come in and make us feel bad or guilty about it. Just know, 



In these 15 minutes we can walk through this identities activity and start to build a plan to begin aligning your work to your higher being!