Your Year-End Deep Reflection Tool

So it’s the end of 2017 and the perfect time to get into reflection mode and see how all the events of this year impacted you and what you want to declare in the coming year for yourself. As a transformational coach, I’m here to offer you a deeper kind of reflection because what’s the point of keeping those reflections floating around in your head or aimlessly written in your daily journal? You can put a meaningful process into your annual reflection by taking it step by step until you take action!

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Let’s get started.

The purpose of this reflection is to elevate your view on the past year (or after a period of time where you’ve been working on your self development). My specific prompts will allow you to put pen to paper to

  • notice shifts you’ve made in mindset, attitude, and choices

  • find celebrations you might not have been aware of

  • Reflect on the year’s cumulative impacts on your growth & development

Part 1


Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 1.37.34 PM.png
  1. Take a look at the first prompt, “I Used To...” Think about  who you were at the beginning the year. Focus on areas such as your

    • View on something/someone

    • Choices you made

    • Undesirable/previous habits

  2. Now,  compliment the first column to the next column, “Now I...”.Think about what you did to change what you used to do and bottom line this as a statement. If you haven’t made a change, leave it blank.

  3. Next, take a step back and CELEBRATE some of the key shifts you’ve identified.
    Do this by adorning your statements with celebratory drawings next to some of the biggest or momentous changes that happened!

  4. Now, take a deep breath!Congratulations! You’ve (we’ve)  been through alot this year. There’s always much to celebrate!

Part 2

Now that you’ve reflected on the shifts and changes that happened throughout the year, it’s time to put some action to them and begin to actually live in your new way of being!


  1. Prioritize your accomplishments. Look at your list of “Now I’s...” and pick one or two that really stand out for you in being significant changes you’ve made.

  2. Take those statements and transform them into, “Now THAT I...” statements of declaration. Name/bottom line/reframe what it is you are now able to do. This step helps you declare that you have stepped into a new way of being. See the example below.

  3. Put it out there with “I Want to…”
    Now that you have the awareness of who you are, state what you want in your life to support this new way of being.

(Continued from part 1)

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 1.42.01 PM.png

Take this last step to
reach a pathway towards transformation!

Ask yourself:

What FIRST STEP can I take to create what I want in life to support this new way of being?

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